Woven Chords

Woven Chords / Vokaal Kabaal Choir Exchange 2012 - 2013

20th - 23rd October 2012, 65 members of Vokaal Kabaal Choir from Holland (including some partners) visited Woven Chords in Stamford.

Fund raising: Woven Chords raised £5000 in a year. Proceeds from our 3 end of term concerts helped but the rest was raised by holding events such as an auction of promises and a Swish evening. These provided good social opportunities too.

A Swish event

A coin windmill mosaic

Vokaal Kabaal’s visit:

Exchange A welcome reception at Browne’s Hospital

Two joint concerts to capacity audiences, one at Stamford Arts Centre and one at the magnificent Peterborough Cathedral.

Vokaal Kabaal at Peterborough Cathedral

Woven Chords

Two parties, one dancing to a Ceilidh band, one dancing to the Les Woods Band.

Exchange Ceilidh evening

Vokaal Kabaal's visit also included Sunday lunch in Woven Chords homes, a Chinese restaurant meal and a day in Cambridge.

29th May - 2nd June 2013
Visit to Vokaal Kabaal choir, Holland.

60 members of Woven Chords (including some partners) visited Vokaal Kabaal in Castricum, Holland

Our visit to Vokaal Kabaal included:

Exchange Welcome party with clog dancers from Vokaal Kabaal

Exchange Two joint concerts to standing ovations

Exchange Wonderful meals

A walk to the beach

A visit to Amsterdam

Dinner in Vokaal Kabaal homes

A visit to an outdoor windmill museum

and an historic village

Goodbye Woven Chords A sad goodbye

Well! What can we say?! We at Woven chords have enjoyed a magnificent five day visit to Castricum in Holland. We have deepened and strengthened our ties with Vokaal Kabaal. Musically we have been invigorated and inspired.

The concerts at the Reformed Church and the Jac P Thijsse College provided larger audiences than we had ever experienced and their appreciation of our music was uplifting. Two standing ovations caused serious goose bumps! Sharing two stages with Vokaal Kabaal provided a musical experience beyond compare and observing the mutual respect and admiration of our two musical directors Liz Underhill and Rolien Eikelenboom was very moving. Add in to this mix a well organized social programme, including sightseeing, dinner in the homes of choir members and after concert parties and there was a fire-proof recipe for success. The welcome and generosity of our Dutch hosts went beyond the extra mile and this trip will live in everyone’s hearts and memories for a long time to come. We are looking forward to the next steps….so watch this space

Margaret Marsh (Alto)