About Us

Woven Chords specialises in traditional songs from around the world including some from our own folk culture as well as some contemporary rock, pop and gospel. Our repertoire of over 200 songs covers most parts of the globe: Eastern Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Antipodes and Polynesia, Europe and Great Britain with harmonies drawn from centuries-old oral traditions. From gospel to work songs, from haunting chants to rousing celebrations, there is something here for everyone.

The Woven Chords repertoire reflects the versatility of what Andy Kershaw calls ‘the world’s most important instrument’ and ranges from the extraordinary polyphony of Georgian church music which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, through the hard-edged ringing cries of the Balkans, to the resounding calls and responses of South African protest songs which invite you to join in. Wherever possible, songs are sung in the language of their country of origin.

The choir’s enthusiastic love of singing is evident at any Woven Chords’ performance. During the past twenty years the choir has been delighting audiences both local and further afield with the diversity of its music, which it endeavours to deliver with energy, passion and authenticity.

Woven Chords welcomes a new leader !

The choir together with our new leader Emmanuel

The choir is excited and delighted to welcome new leader EMMANUEL OMUEDERIAYE. Emmanuel has experience of leading and working with various choirs including a 200 strong one in Nigeria ! Coming from a gospel background, Emmanuel has a music album to his name, having contributed to others. He regularly sings and plays drums with his band. We are really looking forward to embracing all that Emmanuel has to offer us musically, learning new songs with him to add to our world music repertoire while continuing to enjoy and improve on our existing list.

Woven Chords Videos

Belle Mama

Iba Re

Out and About

Woven Chords takes any opportunity to support the local community by performing at local fund raising events and festivals and also private functions, including weddings and funerals. We have also performed at London’s South Bank Festival and the Midlands Community Choirs Festival.

In 2013 we went international and sang to capacity audiences in Castricum, Holland as part of an exchange with Dutch choir Vokaal Kabaal. (See Choir Exchange page.)

We love joining forces with other Natural Voice Choirs, and have done so in the past with Global Harmony from Leicestershire.

Woven Chords is a Natural Voice choir, no auditions, everyone welcome. If you can speak, you can sing! So if you enjoy singing, socialising and inspirational leadership why not join us?

Interested in joining? See Contact Us page.