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Woven Chords is a mixed community choir based in Stamford. We sing unaccompanied harmony songs (A cappella) from across the globe. Celebrating the richness and variety of the human voice, Woven Chords’ singing gives expression to songs from many different cultural traditions.

We are a very friendly and informal choir, open to anyone over 16 years of age, men and women. We follow the ethos of the Natural Voice Network. We do not hold auditions and no previous experience or the need to read music is necessary as all songs are taught by ear. If you can speak - then you can sing! The emphasis is on enjoyment and creating a rich accurate sound.

We sing every Thursday in the Ballroom at the Stamford Arts Centre. Two or three times a year, we give a performance of a selection of our repertoire and we always donate a portion of our income to charity.

Summer Concert

Woven Chords is a special group of people with a large membership, many of whom have been there since the early days of the choir some 21 years ago. We welcome new members and there is a free two week trial period, with no commitment.

Our next event will be our Spring Concert at Carlby Church
on Thurdsay 4th April 2019.

See Future Concerts and Events page.

Spring Term 2019:
10th January to 4th April 2019 (12 weeks)
(No session 21st February)

Summer Term 2019:
25th April to 18th July 2019 (12 weeks)
(No session 30th May)

Thursdays at 7:30 - 9:30pm

Woven Chords Summer Concert, Saturday 7th July 2018

After months of hard work the choir assembled on Saturday July 7th at the Baptist Church, Bourne, ready to sing its heart out for the summer concert. In front of an audience of friends, families and church members, and under the directorship of Emmanuel, we gave what some said was ‘the best concert ever’!

Our programme of some 20 songs was a varied mix of Emmanuel’s own compositions (some in the Nigerian language), English folk songs, traditional gospel and world music, often incorporating haunting new harmonies by Emmanuel. Our sound was also at times given extra depth and authenticity by the addition of drumming by Elizabeth, Emmanuel’s wife.

According to some, what made the concert particularly special, was the joy of singing we conveyed to our audience with one person coming up and saying ‘I just wanted to get up and sing too!’. No doubt we have to thank Emmanuel for that, his choice of music for us, his infectious enthusiasm throughout the year and his constant encouragement during the performance.

The deafening applause, cheering and stomping as our last song ended left us in no doubt that an encore was called for. Another rendering of the gospel song ‘Oh Happy Day’ , accompanied by clapping from choir and audience, could genuinely be said to have raised the rafters!

While there is much sadness that Emmanuel has to move on, it was a wonderful and memorable evening to mark the end of his time with us.

Summer Concert Summer Concert

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