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Woven Chords is a mixed community choir based in Stamford. We sing unaccompanied harmony songs (A cappella) from across the globe. Celebrating the richness and variety of the human voice, Woven Chordsí singing gives expression to songs from many different cultural traditions.

We are a very friendly and informal choir, open to anyone over 16 years of age, men and women. We follow the ethos of the Natural Voice Network. We do not hold auditions and no previous experience or the need to read music is necessary as all songs are taught by ear. If you can speak - then you can sing! The emphasis is on enjoyment and creating a rich accurate sound.

We sing every Thursday in the Ballroom at the Stamford Arts Centre. Two or three times a year, we give a performance of a selection of our repertoire and we always donate a portion of our income to charity.

Woven Chords is a special group of people with a large membership, many of whom have been there since the early days of the choir some 21 years ago. We welcome new members and there is a free two week trial period, with no commitment.

Spring Term 2020 (9th Jan to 2nd April) - Important Notice:
Please note that due to the present corona situation, choir sessions from Thursday 19th March 2020 are now cancelled.

Woven Chords Easter Concert, 4th April 2019

It was with a mounting sense of excitement and a few nervous flutters that we approached our Easter concert.

It was a new format, new venue and, of course a new musical director! Graham took a leap of faith taking us on and I think it is safe to say that his faith was well founded.

The first half of the concert featured Orphicon, Graham's string quartet, who performed a programme of pieces composed by himself. The audience were enraptured by the originality, the variety and the quality of the performance. It was such a treat.

Woven Chords had a hard act to follow, but we rose to the occasion and sang with all our hearts. Graham felt that it was our best performance of all the songs so far. The programme reflected Graham's versatility, including a self-penned song about our destruction of the planet and a number of songs arranged and developed by him, which showcased his seemingly limitless range! We are also pleased that he is reviving our world music identity with beautiful material from our existing repertoire. Members of the choir introduced some of the songs, for which we thank them. This enhanced our connection with the audience, and increased their understanding of the songs.

We finished with an encore of More Sokol Pie and got a standing ovation! What more could we want?

The excellent hosts of St. Stephens Church Carlby provided a warm welcome and excellent handmade refreshments with wine at the interval, for which we are most grateful: was much appreciated.

The raffle, which was so well run by Cae, Kevin (Clayton) and Steve (Moore), raised the handsome sum of £142. Our legendary hampers always encourage people to spend lots! Thank you all for your most generous contributions.

Here is a taste of audience reaction:
"It was a great privilege, as a member of the choir, to this time sit in the audience and fully appreciate the wonderful harmonies produced by Woven Chords. It is not often we get the opportunity to hear the sound of the choir as one and how it melds together as a whole, under the expert direction of Graham Dale. I feel very proud to be part of this wonderful choir."

"Having had very strong connections with Woven Chords over many years it was an absolute delight to see the choir triumphant in its new incarnation with Graham Dale at the helm. It was a joyous, uplifting performance with choir members obviously enjoying it just as much as the delighted audience. It was wonderful for me to hear some much loved songs from the back repertoire performed with fresh enthusiasm as if they were brand new and very highly polished. Amongst the new songs that Graham has brought to the choir - one written and all arranged by him - my favourite has to be Nanooma which amazingly seemed to keep splitting into more and more parts as the captivating African rhythms and harmonies developed. Sing on Wovies knowing you are in the best possible hands! I look forward to many more rave, packed out concerts."

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